That‘s the Truth with J.Gallegos

Get one step closer and further along in becoming who God has intended you to be, one step at a time. Together we’ll encourage and inspire personal growth, to be effective and impactful in every area of our life.

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That's the Truth

Life is more about the journey than the destination. Join us as we discuss learning and growing based on biblical principles. Learn how to apply practical fundamentals to your life and leadership in order to get one step closer in becoming who God intended you to be.  


Friday May 13, 2022

Living to meet the approval of others affects us in so many ways. What does it mean to do God's will and live our lives without public approval? It's possible we have missed our assignment and this may be the very reason why we feel stuck. Be grounded on purpose and see that God has his seal of approval over your life. Connect with J.Gallegos: Links:   Email:

Friday Apr 29, 2022

Cedric Francis, Founder of Lead to Greatness and Lead Pastor of New Direction Church shares his view on some common mistakes when managing money and shares valuable insight on how to approach finances in marriage.  He also talks about how to remain faithful in our giving even when on a budget. Also, encourages 5 key steps that will keep you stay debt free and so much more. Connect with Cedric Francis: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn:    Connect with J.Gallegos: Links:   Email: 

Friday Apr 15, 2022

Rev. Ruben Rivera shares his story about battling and overcoming cancer after the Dr. predicted only 3 months to live. Still standing strong today he is living proof of God’s miraculous power. He speaks on how to become aware of character flaws and how to improve as leaders. He also explains the difference between entertainment and a Godly movement. Connect with Ruben Rivera:    Connect with J.Gallegos: Links:  Email:    

Friday Apr 01, 2022

"Who told you that you were naked?” - That is the second question God asked that confronted Adam and Eve’s mixed emotions of fear and shame as a result of their disobedience.  We are focusing on the negative thoughts that hold us captive and keep us from seeing progress in our life. Also, the things we tell ourselves, the lies we believe about ourselves and how to break free from our toxic thoughts.  Connect with J.Gallegos: Links:   Email: 

Friday Mar 18, 2022

The Promise Church of Houston Lead Pastor Daniel Espinoza delves in on community outreach and the impact it has on the church body. He explains the significance of being the hands and feet of Jesus and what it truly means to serve others. Pastor D.Espinoza also shares his perspective on the impact of a mentor. Connect with Pastor Espinoza and The Promise Church:    Connect with J.Gallegos: Links:   Email:   

Friday Mar 04, 2022

How can leaders prevent a toxic worship team and cultivate a healthy team environment? Ray Martinez and Sergio Santos weigh in on this topic. They share from their past experiences, what they learned and the power of worship. Connect with Ray Martinez:   Connect with J.Gallegos: Links:   Email: 

Friday Feb 18, 2022

Debbie and Jeremy talk about the benefits and challenges of a creative mind. As well as how to stimulate and optimize creativity that inspires. Connect with Debbie Gallegos: Connect with Jeremy Jimenez:    Connect with J.Gallegos: Links:   Email: 

Monday Feb 07, 2022

The foundations for life that were set and established before us must be preserved, maintained and protected.  Connect with J.Gallegos: Links:   Email: 

Thursday Jan 20, 2022

A conversation with UPCI's Spanish South Texas District Youth Director, Samuel Wentworth on leadership, ministry, avoiding burnout and what's ahead for STX-Youth in 2022. Connect with Samuel Wentworth:    Connect with J.Gallegos: Links:   Email:    

Friday Jan 07, 2022

Falling to any level of comparison can affect our mental health, alter our mood and the way we perceive our life.   Connect with J.Gallegos: Links:   Email: 

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